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They originated in the early 90's, in Prince George, British Columbia Canada as The Night Watchmen, by original drummer Alex Dias, and guitarist Rob Lulic. By '91, Vancouver based keyboardist Bob D'Eith had joined the band. Their lead singer Jimmy Gilmore, a member of the Scottish band The Silencers, left the band in '91, to return to Scotland.

 In 1992, Dias, Lulic and D'Eith join up with U.K.-born lead singer Lyndon Johnson to form rymes with orange. The band released their debut album Peel in 1992, produced by Bill Buckingham, on their own label; Citrus Soul Productions. It spawned three singles at radio; Marvin, Memory Fade and a cover of the Small Faces song Itchycoo Park. Singer Lyndon Johnson and guitarist Rob Lulic hit the road with their touring lineup of Nelson Sinclair on Bass, Niko Quintal on drums and Steeve Hennessy on keyboards, guitar and vocals. RWO tours Canada multiple times in 1992-93 to support Peel and to also raise funds to record their next album.

 In 1994, the band releases their second album, Trapped in the Machine, produced by John Webster and includes all six members. Lyndon Johnson, Rob Lulic, Bob D'Eith, Nelson Sinclair, Niko Quintal and Steeve Hennessy. The band toured Canada extensively to support the album, with a total of four singles; Toy Train, I Believe, She Forgot to Laugh and The Taking of David. The album resulted a number of Top 30 radio hits including Toy Train, which was the band's biggest hit. The song was also featured in a Labatt's beer commercial; Genuine Kelly. Their video singles also garnered national airplay, with regular rotation on both Much Music (Canada's MTV) and on Musique Plus in Québec.

 At the 1996 Juno Awards, the band garnered a nomination for Best New Group. Trapped in the Machine was the band's most successful album, selling over 60,000 copies in Canada.

The band returned in 1999, with their third album Crash, co-produced by RWO and Mike Plotnikoff. Crash was written by Johnson, Lulic and Hennessy over a three year period. and was recorded at the now, legendary Mushroom Studio, Vancouver.  Crash features new rhythm section; Trevor Grant on drums and Timothy B. Hewitt on bass. However, not long after it's release, Hewitt left to pursue other musical ventures, and to replace him, was friend and Bass player Kevin Spencer, who also co-wrote Standing in the Rain. Crash was supported by two singles; She's the One and Standing in the Rain, and was named Best Pop / Rock Album at the 1999 West Coast Music Awards.

In 2003, the band released their fourth album, One More Mile, produced by Rob Lulic and Lyndon Johnson, and mixed by John Webster.

Summer of 2008, rymes with orange reunites it's 1999 Crash touring lineup of Lyndon Johnson, Rob Lulic, Steeve Hennessy, Kevin Spencer and Trevor Grant in a  performance at a Canada Day concert, just outside of Vancouver and headlined by Loverboy and the Payola$.

In March 2016, an official Rymes With Orange Channel was launched on YouTube featuring rare and unreleased material such as live performances on Much Music, Musique Plus and the CBC that includes all their official music videos.

In November 2016, Trapped in the Machine original members; Lyndon Johnson, Rob Lulic, Nelson Sinclair and Steeve Hennessy reunite for the first time in 20 years.

On November 4, 2017, at a private party, RWO reunite to perform for the first time in 21 years, with Trapped in the Machine lineup members; Lyndon Johnson, Rob Lulic, Nelson Sinclair and Steeve Hennessy.